Easter leg: Go or receive - 8th to 22nd April.

Summer leg: Go - 15th to 27th July or 17th to 29th July. Receive - 15th to 28th July

Students will be able to opt to go to France at Easter and receive in the summer or vice versa.

MEETING DATES 7pm at Bristol Airport

12th March for those travelling to France from 15th to 28th July.

13th March for those travelling to France from 17th to 29th July.

20th March for those travelling to France from 8th to 22nd April.

What is the Bristol-Bordeaux Student Exchange?

The exchange is a family-to family exchange for students of secondary school age.

Students fill out a detailed application form and are carefully matched with an exchange partner in Bordeaux and the Aquitaine area of France. The French students spend twelve days in England and then the English students go to France to stay twelve days. Students are supported by accompanying teachers who travel with the groups and stay in the local area

This exchange scheme celebrated its 60th Anniversary in 2007 and the exchanges began in 1947 when students from Fairfield Grammar School in Bristol visited Bordeaux and French students in Bordeaux returned to Bristol in the same year. In 1947 27 students took part in the exchange and since then an exchange has taken place almost every year with thousands of participants and lifelong friendships forming between young people from Bristol’s first twin city. In the 1970s over 1,000 students travelled in each direction for the exchange.

This is different from many other school trips as it provides the opportunity to really improve your language skills as well as gaining a lot of insights into the French culture and way of life.

Try to talk to some of the students who have taken part as they will be able to tell you how their French improved and how much they gained from taking part in the scheme.

You are likely to climb la dune du pyla, the highest sand dune in Europe.

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